So I listen to the ISDPodcast everyday, and find it a really informative but naturally amusing light-hearted delve into what’s going on in the world of InfoSec. I have noticed that Rick Hayes and Matt Shoemaker (the presenters of the show) have dedicated a couple of slots to me over the last few months (thanks) – and would like to share them with anyone who may be interested, whilst giving Rick and Matt a much deserved shout-out. Great work guys! Rick and Matt’s shows discuss current vulnerabilities of interest and information security related news while at the same time providing a few laughs and a little knowledge.

(Originally broadcast on Wednesday 30th June 2010) Link to original show – also link to De Welt article they discuss HERE

(Originally broadcast on 23rd February 2010) Link to original show – also link to Exclusive XerXes Videos HERE and HERE

(Originally broadcast on 14th January 2010) Link to original show


Again my thanks to Rick, Matt and all at ISDPodcast

<<<< peace out


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