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‘I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful’. – Natalie Portman

After 1 year ‘back-burnered’ IT’S BACK!

NOTE: Please note the new connection instructions, and texture pack install instructions. Previous users, your land claims and claim block quota is as you left it however, depending on when you built your structures, they may not still be there. This is because I had to revert to an early server backup. You also need to upgrade to the latest Minecraft version. Also be advised I’m not sure how well this server will handle load, but I’m sure you guys will let me know.

Precursor: This is not a play, this is not a ruse. I’ve been around (somehow) for over 5 years, now I’d like to give something back, to my loyal and awesome followers on twitter. Over the years as ‘Jester’, one thing that I’ve noticed is the high volume of questions from young people wanting to know ‘how can I do what you do?’  and ‘I joined Anonymous because I thought they would make a difference, now I feel betrayed. How can I go it alone?’ etc etc. I get scores of questions a day from all kinds of people, and don’t get around to answering all of them, so I have decided to meet these young people on their own turf, so to speak.

Traditionally, it’s been standard protocol, for me to ONLY SPEAK IN 3 PLACES. Those places were here on this blog, my IRC Channel, and my Twitter account. That’s all about to change. I have ‘aquired’ a Minecraft server and have been busy setting it up,  it’s a brave new world. One that I know very little about but it’s been fun learning. Which brings me to my next point….

But….Umm Why?

As I said, many young people ask me many questions, I wanted to connect on their own turf. So I decided it might be a helluva idea,  if I were to create an in-game ‘Psuedo-University’ where at agiven time every week I’ll  meet on the ‘campus’  and give little lessons on all kinds of Jester-related topics, it’s a bit more interesting that IRC right? So far I have created a few city blocks, and will be building the ‘campus’ in due course. But I wanted to give those who are interested some ahead-of-time access to ‘JesterLand’.

 What else is happening there?

That’s up to you guys. The initial spawn point and everything within the city walls is protected real-estate, you can venture further out past the city walls and do whatever you like build, blow shit up or whatever. Inside the protected city limits, time permitting I plan on doing the following:

  • Setting up some ‘offices’ including a secure conference room facility.
  • Allowing players to claim premium apartments in the city to make their own.
  • Creating a large underground Research Lab for Experimental Redstone Application Development.
  • and some other stuff.

Click here for a live realtime zoomable map 

Where’s this fantastical place at?

Firstly you have to have a Minecraft account and download the software. I know many of my followers are already minecrafters which is why I chose it. Then you need to:

  • If you want to experience Jesterland in all its splendour, you need to download this texture pack.
  • Now just connect your Minecraft software in multiplayer mode to jesterland.jesterscourt.cc  – As more people spread out and explore, the map will auto-magically and dynamically generate new terrain on the fly, no matter how far outside of the city limits you travel.
  • REMEMBER inside the city walls is protected, you will need to get well out of the city to build your stuff! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to STAKE YOUR LAND CLAIM – Note if you are using the  texture pack a golden shovel looks like a crossbow (for some reason).  Oh and also remember this is something new to me so I am still learning too, lets try and make it a nice place rather than a troll-fest for once?


WARNING: If you join the server with the intention of griefing or trolling, be advised, you’ll be doing it on a pay-per-troll basis. Server bans are permanent, no exceptions, so you’ll need to create a new account to get back in.



PS I had to use the underscores on my in-game username because some dude already took my name. Bummer.

THIS: ‘Not on holy ground’

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