By th3j35t3r

As many of you are aware my original IRC channel kindly hosted for over 2 years by @r0d3nt and has been subjected to huge amounts of trolling, harassment, coupled with relentless floods and DDoS attacks. After a long struggle, yesterday all parties have decided it best to move off the 2600 IRC network to prevent more disruption to the community.

I would like to thank @r0d3nt and for their continued support and last 2 years of outstanding service, in the face of much adversity over a prolonged period of time. Stay Frosty guys, and you are welcome to drop by my new IRC home as outlined below. Peace.

So where”s the new channel?

In the light of historical events, I have chosen to operate the new irc channel #jester inside a dark space network. That darknet is known as ”i2p”. Some of you may have already heard of such things, if not, Google is your friend.

The reason for this is 4 fold:

  • Once connected to i2p/darknet IRC your anonymity is automatic and damn near bulletproof. This is good for all of us. The normal IRC rules and commands apply.
  • Because of it”s decentralized nature, it is not susceptible to external DDoS attacks.
  • Connecting to it requires a little more setting up, and may help filter out some of the dumber and lazier undesirables.
  • Whilst hosted by 2600 #Anonymous continually attacked the network (albeit very primitively). The ”Anonymous Collective” also have channels on this IRC network, I know they are primarily dumb but they are less likely to attack their own service provider.
    How do I connect?

In order to connect to my channel #jester within the i2p IRC net you will need to download and setup the i2p software on your box. There are versions for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Once you have it running simply go to your  I2PTunnel configuration page (usually found by putting this into your browser http://localhost:7657/i2ptunnel/index.jsp), start the ircProxy. Then tell your IRC client to connect to localhost on port 6668 and join #jester.

New channel operators will be hand selected by myself over the coming days/weeks.

As per usual, because of the large amount of imposters trying to pass themselves off as me I will only speak in THREE places, here via this blog, my twitter and the i2p IRC network outlined above where my nick (th3j35t3r) is registered to myself. If you see a ”jester” anywhere else it”s not me.

More information on the i2p Darknet can found on their website.

Again many thanks to @r0d3nt and for over 2 years of great service and attitude.



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