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“Capitalism has worked very well. Anyone who wants to move to North Korea is welcome.” – Bill Gates

To clarify, quantify and justify. Howdy folks. After much deliberation I have decided to bite the bullet and bow to the requests of many and open an online store. I am sure I will come into a lot of critique from the usual set of trolls, but what don’t they whine about?? In order to head off some of the inevitable bad-mouthing and naysayers, I’ll outline my thoughts on the matter at the end of this post, but beware it essentially equates to don’t like it – don’t buy it. Simple eh?

About The Store

I have chosen to open my store at ZAZZLE.COM (international buyers can use the links on the store footer).  I’ll be adding new stuff as time goes on, when I can fit in designing etc. Ladies please take note that all shirts can be customized into a ladies cut or color  and style via the item details page.

Menomonie High School – Unmasking Jester

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I have always tried to support education and those institutions and as you may have noticed I often do class interactions, particularly with students from Utica College and University of Southern Maine. I am often told of ‘case studies’ and assignment tasks that tutors from many places of education set for students based upon my antics. It is a rare occasion that  I ever get to see any of the papers, however a few days ago the following tweet popped up in my timeline:

I approached @MilkyCaramel014 and asked if I could take a look at his findings. It was a short paper and I think it was very well put together so in keeping with my policy of support for education, I asked for permission from him to post here on the blog and he kindly agreed. What follows is the paper (verbatim) – written for Mr John Kitzman’s Modern Military History class at Menomonie High School in Wisconsin, by student Dylan Jerald Harmston AKA @MilkyCaramel014


Open Letter to Twitter

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Dearest Twitter,

Firstly, I would like to commend you on a first rate micro-blogging platform and assure you I am very pleased with the service as a means to voice my opinions, and also a means to see others’ opinions and breaking news before mainstream media picks up the thread. Excellent stuff! However, I feel I must now write this open letter in good faith that you will at least look into addressing an ongoing issue that I have approached your support team in private about, but for which no solution has been forthcoming to date.

As you are fully aware, I have been using Twitter as my primary means of communication since day one of my conception over 3 years ago. In this time I have somehow gained nearly 50,000 followers, mostly made up of good actors, but the bad guys like to follow too just to keep abreast of goings on. I have spoken to your support team on numerous occasions with a request to be ‘Verified by Twitter’ and given the reasons I shall outline below. I feel that once you understand my reasoning for this modest request, and have facts available, you may be able to make a sounder judgement call on the matter.

I get an awful lot of imposters, who create twitter accounts with names very similar to my handle, who then copy my bio, background, profile picture etc  trying to pass themselves off as me. Here’s a small selection for your perusal:

Boston Marathon Bombing: Just a hunch.

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“When the shit hits the fan you’d rather be the fan than the shit.” – Falopians 2:83 (No offence Ladies)
Be advised: there’s a few updates you can’t miss after you read this post at the bottom. I’ve been watching the fallout from the Boston Bombing with great sadness and a deep personal interest. I have made a few observations, and that’s all they are. I will outline them below.

Please bear in mind this is just a theory, a hunch. But if it looks like a bus, and drives like a bus, it’s probably a erhhm.. bus. I am simply presenting facts and backing up with evidence. Your conclusions are your own. So, I have kinda had my spidey sensors out and all over this since the atrocity occurred and I started to get a whiff of something very stinky.

And it goes a little something like this.

Suspect Number #2’s twitter account is by now very well known, in case you have been living on the moon –  it’s @J_Tsar – So first thing to take note is a tweet sent from Tsarnaev to an as yet unidentified twitter user, who deleted his account immediately after Tsarnaev’s identity was released which was sent SIX MONTHS BEFORE the April 15th Boston Marathon, on August 10th 2012. The tweet indicates that there was at least 6 months planning went into this, and multiple personalities where at least aware of ‘shit about to go down’.

‘War doesn’t determine who is right, only who is left.’ – Bertrand Russell

Facebook Graph Search is one of the newest features of Facebook. It allows you to data-mine every person and page on the entire social network. You can get an introduction at this page.

It’s not available for everyone yet…but you can sign up for early access if you’d like.  It is extremely powerful as an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) tool.

So, I decided to give it a try myself.  The results are eye opening. You may or may not be aware that I have repeatedly warned that Anonymous has been infiltrated by terror organizations such as Hamas/AQ etc.  Well, as they say…the proof is in the pudding.

‘Argue with a fool, and you’ve got two fools.’ – John Avlon’s Father

Conventional wisdom never gets you very far when you’re trying to understand the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Take, for example, the bizarre, self-contained universe that is the North Korean internet.

In the past few weeks, there’s been a spike in chatter about the House of Kim’s Web presence. First came speculation about what North Korean netizens were being told about the botched missile launch, then came self-satisfied mockery of the $15 page template the regime bought for its English-language site. The takeaway might seem pretty simple: the DPRK’s network is censored and silly, like a dime-store version of China’s. But the reality is much weirder. Maybe only one-tenth of the online freedom you see in China is present in North Korea.

That’s not because the censors are tougher. It’s because North Korea built its own internet, and we’re not invited.

JΞSTΞR's Loadout: The Laptop

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‘Have more than thou showest, Speak less than thou knowest, Lend less than thou owest’ – William Shakespeare
So I wanted to continue my ‘Loadout‘ series, as I know I’ve neglected it to the point that the ‘series’ currently consists of only one other article. It’s busy times, so I apologize in advance. I get lots of questions regarding how I secure my connection and manage to stay ‘underground’ for so long. I thought about talking about that, but decided against it, at least for now for reasons I am sure must be obvious to anyone who possesses an IQ that exceeds that of Mr John Tiessen AKA @johntiessen and that of Ms Jennifer Emick AKA @asherahresearch combined. (Sorry couldn’t resist).

Now there’s something to be said for spreading your operation out, so if ‘they’ (whoever your ‘they’ is) get one thing they don’t get it all. But there’s also something to be said for keeping your attack surface as small as possible. Its two schools of thought, I prefer the latter. It makes things manageable and easier to monitor. This is why EVERYTHING I do, whether offensive, defensive or passive, as ‘Jester’ is done on a single laptop. There is zero cross pollination between that and my actual identity. This ensures that even if the laptop somehow leaves my possession, all they got was ‘Jesters’ laptop. This blog post will concentrate on how to secure that laptop and the information on it from physical or coerced infiltration, so even if they get a hold of it in your absence, it’s a case of fuggit, no harm done.

What to buy

We’ve all been there. In the store. Pesky sales guy honey-badgering the shit out of us. There’s all kinds of shiny objects begging for our money. The hybrid lapTab, the gargantuan power house laptop that takes 3 thick-set fully grown fighting age males to move from A to B, it’s a minefield. Here’s my advice for what it’s worth.


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‘I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful’. – Natalie Portman

After 1 year ‘back-burnered’ IT’S BACK!

NOTE: Please note the new connection instructions, and texture pack install instructions. Previous users, your land claims and claim block quota is as you left it however, depending on when you built your structures, they may not still be there. This is because I had to revert to an early server backup. You also need to upgrade to the latest Minecraft version. Also be advised I’m not sure how well this server will handle load, but I’m sure you guys will let me know.

Well goddam. We all know the internet is seething with nasty little people who just want to piss others off, and will do and say whatever they can to achieve said goal. They are just common trolls, then there’s the plain crazies, then sitting atop of this festering pile of repugnant horse shit is a different breed of troll,  it’s the Narcissistic Troll or as I like to refer to them ‘NarcoTrolls’. They want a reaction. After over 2 years of this shit. Here’s mine. Oh and be sure to click her beautiful nose-stud image (right) for the true picture. If you are bored already here’s a spoiler.

Down ‘n Dirty

Jennifer Emick AKA @asherahresearch is one example. She’s 40 something years old and sits on the internet all day (and night), and from a house she rents from her parents at a subsidized rate, she never did her drivers ed, and is stuck indoors spewing baseless venom at anyone she subconsciously see’s as a ‘threat’. Let’s not be too hasty in judgement of her though, because she can’t help it, as she has extreme Narcissistic Personality Disorder what’s more, it’s aggressive and it’s authoritarian.  Her projection issues, which just about anyone who has a run in with her comments on, are also classic.  Projection is a classic trait of NPD and it’s not the first time we’ve seen it, remember this fool? Jennifer Emick and John Tiessen should really hook up and get a room, to swap notes, although I fear she’ll be the one doing all the talking as she has a history of trolling and e-fame whoring dating back over 10 years, just google Jennifer+Emick+Troll to see what I mean. That’s right, 10 years no wonder she’s pissed and desperate, and it’s not the first time I have addressed this particular failer, here’s an article on InfosecIsland from 7 months ago.

Projection is a means of  justifying  actions that would normally be found atrocious or heinous. The NarcoTroll projects false accusations, information, etc., onto another for the sole purpose of maintaining a self-created illusion of superiority, moral authority, elite relevance and self-importance.  With Emick it is a constant stream of “you did this that and that” all of which she herself does, and then insisting she is the only one smart enough, elite enough and important enough to see what YOU did.  Anyone who sees that she is the one doing what she accuses others of is attacked viciously, because the one thing the NarcoTroll can never, ever accept is blame for their own failing or faults.

Never spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours – Brian Koslow

HERE’S A SPOILER: http://i.imgur.com/8lO7m.png 


We all know the amount of trolling and discreditation attempts I get from members of  that group of loosely tied disfunctionals known as  ‘Anonymous’. One guy just won’t give it up, it’s also worth noting that he also won’t back up his crazy claims either.