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Time to Speak Up – Part One

Time to Speak Up – Part One

“To escape criticism – do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.” – Elbert Hubbard

As you may have clocked – I have been ‘dark’ (with regard to speaking publicly) now for 9 days. I am afraid this has been a necessary course of action. It’s called OPSEC and something that operators such as me take very seriously. With this in mind, I would like to take this opportunity right here and now to convey my heartfelt thanks to all who have taken time out to send 10’s of thousands of messages in support myself, and my actions, including mainstream newsmakers and individuals alike. I am not going to name names (OPSEC again) but you all know who you are and I ‘hoorah’ you.

Now, as I stated above, I have been ‘dark’ but have had eyes-on the situation as it changes hour by hour, and there’s a couple of issues that I’d like to address.

I will cover the following topics, and in true Wikileaks style, drip-feed you, milking it for for all it’s worth 😉 ahem lol.

  • The Imposter Saga
  • The difference between a DDOS and a DOS – as it has become clear people seem to think XerXes (wrongly) is a botnet??
  • Script Kiddie? – Okay download XerXes and send it to me? Okay ya can’t – Why? Cuz it exists in one place. Here. With me.
  • Message to 4Chan – TBA (‘moot‘ point)
  • Message to Assange – TBA
  • Cutting the Head off the Snake


Part 1: The Imposter Saga

So some genius last week decided to try and cash in on my (questionably) good name. In an awesome display of truly inspired intellect, this individual decided to create a twitter account (@th3j3st3r – notice the subtle difference in spelling) and even registered the domain name ( Under the twitter account he posted a link to a counterfeit blog that looked uncannily like my own, and on it claimed that I had been arrested by errr the local Sheriff (lol) and since released without charge but still needed to raise (a measly) $10K for a legal defense fund.- PS you were released without charge – why do you need a defense fund?

I approached this person via DM and kindly pointed out that he has just made himself a huge target, especially by registering a domain name, and by clearly not having any kind of situational awareness, will be found, and they will think you are me. He immediately (not by my request) pointed his domain to this blog. Fool.

I would like to categorically clarify:

  • This individual was not me nor acting for me, and it is my belief that this guy just wanted to make a quick buck on the back of my name. So to the Jihadists out there that want me dead: Don’t go after this idiot.
  • As has been stated over the last 12 months many times. I do NOT require any financial donations, will never ask for any, and if, as in last week’s debacle, it ever again appears I have asked for donations, look carefully at the facts: It will not be me begging for cash. Ever.
  • XerXes will NEVER be released, not even via Wikileaks. 😉

Here’s a link to the only journalists that got their shit right on this one:

Standby for more in due course……

Stay Frosty.

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