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Message to #anonOOPS

Message to #anonOOPS

‘A small team of A players can run circles round a giant team of B and C players.’ – Steve Jobs

Well it’s been a really interesting December. As most of you will be aware, I have taken a break from my usual activities to play with Anonymous/Op Payback. And in turn they have been busy trying to counter my efforts and identify me – thus spending less time defending Wikileaks by ‘attempting’ to take down the likes of Mastercard and Paypal etc.

That’s Jester: ONE – Anon: err None.

Now a lttle more on the Anonops collective and their tactics. They can’t use LOIC DDOS against me as I don’t host my own website on my own servers, and hitting WordPress or Twitter would really serve against them as these channels are also used by themselves. So LOIC (their only weapon is out of the question). So far all we have seen from these ‘amazing hackers’ abilities is the following:

1). Pathetic attempts by themselves and their followers to identify me.

They truly are pathetic too. They seem to be primarily based around Google searches querying the phrases ‘jester’ and ‘th3j35t3r’  – they have yielded results, which if they had any research skills would see are not in fact myself. But ever willing to light up a totally innocent person they SOFLAM the search results – saying that said individual is in fact me. Good skillz guys.

Outcome: You have got that wrong now 4 times. It does you no favors, while at the same time muddies the waters for those looking for me. I just feel terribly sorry for the people you incorrectly identify.

That’s Jester: TWO – Anon: err None.

2). Pathetic attempts to pass themselves off as me on Twitter and IRC channels.

True to form, another fantastically primitive method employed by these ‘l33t hackers’ is to pretend they are me, now I anticipated that a long time ago. It’s a standard technique used for trying to solicit information from  known associates of a mark. Except the so called ‘accomplices’ also have no idea of my identity, it’s basic OPSEC. This is why I never register a nick on IRC, so you can do just that.

Outcome: Again you muddy the waters, the more instances of ‘me’ there are the better for me. the added bonus is that instead of lighting up an innocent person you light up yourself with your own SOFLAM. Good Skillz guys.

That’s Jester: THREE- Anon: err None.

So what, we already know all this – what’s my point?

My message is simple, however I will try to simplify it further so the likes of Anonymous can understand. Its more a message to those thinking of hooking up with them, rather than those who have already.

Anonymous require many people to carry out their ‘work’ they ask others to do their dirty work while at the same time providing no protection. LOIC is flawed and will expose you as you will see from figure 1 below. Anonymous official advice if a user gets busted is to ‘claim you were infected with malware’ (lolz).

Anonymous/4chan are many – I am one, I ask for no help, and would not accept it as has been demonstrated for fear of ruining a good persons life.


This little grab, is dated the 9th December 2010, directly after the PAYPAL hit, and is just some of the intel I got on you guys in less than 24 hours. Here’s the sting in the tail, for the past three weeks you have played directly into my hands.

Above is just a  natty little snapshot morsel of the good stuff I have gathered in the last couple weeks. There’s much more juicy and up-to-date information on you and your operations right HERE – only problem is, its encrypted (ring any bells?)

As you can see the many have failed on numerous counts, failed to identify a single entity, while at the same time failing to protect their own ranks. Shame on you.

You the many versus little old me. Shame Shame Shame.

I have afforded you a little grace, something you have not given the people you have wrongly named/identified as me. Now I am all ‘graced’ out.

You ‘defend freedom of speech’ and Wikileaks – well here I am exercising my right to freedom of speech. And you shouldn’t have a problem with that right? You are really lucky am just making a point, and posess the ability to exercise restraint – if you are mentioned above you will be able to recognize yourself;

That’s Jester: FOUR- Anon: err None.

You say you defend freedom of speech and expression etc blah blah, then attack me and furthermore, endanger innocent bystanders with your wild accusations because I hit Wikileaks – which in doing so is in fact an expression of free speech. Pffft.

‘A small team of A players can run circles round a giant team of B and C players.’ – Steve Jobs

– Tis the season to be jolly. Gotta run… Busy busy busy!

J << Not just a pretty avatar.

Peace out.

UPDATE CLUE: @anonops – I may well have been one of your own ranks, and better still, you may well think I still am?

Then again? <<< Who exactly here is Anonymous? Definitely not you.

‘Ceelo’ Below says it all better.

#enemywithin #wtf #ftw #gameover #doesitstingyet

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