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Even Topiary Didn’t Know What He Was Getting Into

Even Topiary Didn’t Know What He Was Getting Into

‘Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.’

So folks continue to ask me why I am ‘after’ anon/lulzsec…. Well I’d like to address this. I am not particularly ‘after’ anon (that’s not denying that we have had our run-ins), everyone knows their roots and anyone who can google knows mine. However… Lulzsec, hmmm different beast. Lulzsec are threatening, and inciting and RECRUITING. While Anonymous claim to be ‘leaderless’, Lulzsec is obviously not. And Anonymous in their desperation for the world to see them as anything other than what they really are… have allowed themselves to have a ‘leader’.

That ‘leader’ is known as ANONYMOUSABU

‘Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.’

Anonymous and Lulzsec seem to have forgotten this, this will be (is) their downfall.

They dumped amongst other things:

* Names of undercover operators in the field, exposing not only them, but their families.

In the name of #AntiSec??

* At least 62k INNOCENT USERS creds.

In the name of #AntiSec??


Last week there was a story circulating regarding ‘KGB’ infiltration of Anonymous?? (lol)

Here’s the link….

Well ladies….

That’s the least of your worries. You see you have allowed yourselves to start on a rocky road. It ends with all you folks becoming domestic/otherwise terrorists.

Wouldn’t it be great for the REALLY bad guys to infiltrate a group of willing pawns like ‘Anonymous’.

ANONYMOUSABU created Lulzsec by offering Anon’s ‘best hackers’ — who were merrily attacking oppresive regimes before he came along– a good time.

Then after sucking them in with candy, he switched their focus to attacking Western regimes, and more specifically military targets. It seems that these were his intentions all along.

It’s quite strange that someone who supports democratically elected governments (Hamas) would attack them and tell people to rise up against them, while at the same time try to draw hackers away from attacking non-democratic and anti-democratic regimes as ANONYMOUSABU has done.

Coincidence much?  – That since ANONYMOUSABU the focus has shifted from primarily things like #opLibya #opEgypt to a host of western military, law enforcement agencies and commercial targets?

Next  ANONYMOUSABU will be saying he had no clue that the word ‘Abu’ in Arabic translates to ‘Father’ – which makes him what?? – Father of Anonymous??

Let’s cut to the chase:


>>> <<<

(It’s pretty in-depth but get interesting around page 14)

And some supporting infos:

but for those with short attention spans here’s a video to help you

(Volume up)

UPDATE 08/02/11

And what of @atopiary now he has been arrested and charged?

He sat shaking in court. Where was his testimony. Where was his truth to power? This was his big chance to speak for the political aspirations and purpose of all of Anonymous – you’re legion right? In the end, just a boy in his ‘awesome neo’ shades. All of you anons are fools. He’s nothing you wanted him to be.

But I am sure he’ll thank you for the #freetopiary avatars, and bitcoin donations that he will never see. Laughable.

ANONYMOUSABU doesn’t give a fuck….

@atopiary was an expendable asset. @atopiary was in point of fact, PWND if you will.




(Volume Up)


There’s an unequal amount of good and bad in most things, trick is to figure out the ratio and act accordingly.

Haters gonna hate just like potatoes gonna potate.




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