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He knows he’s not crazy because that’s what the voices say

He knows he’s not crazy because that’s what the voices say


So there’s been a modicum of drama on my Twitter timeline in the last couple of days. Allow me to fill you in. While I try not to give trolls, crazies and stalkers any air-time here, I truly believe some feel it is a ‘badge of honor’ or some shit. But in the worst cases I feel it’s my civic duty to try and ‘direct help’ their way. And also try and direct ‘normal’ people out of their way.

So here’s the thing. Often people engage me in DM’s, often it’s just fine. But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes people unload and vomit all their problems and deep seated issues to me. I tend to answer rarely, and when I do, keep it short, not wishing to fan the flame. But I’m always polite, respectful and let them vent away in my DM inbox. What harm can that do right? Well, I’m here right now to tell you the problem with that.


…and there’s nothing you can do about it. Being nice doesn’t help. Neither does ignoring them, and whatever you do, do not disagree with them or god forbid, block them. Normally by the time you smell this particular band of crazy it waaay to late, there’s only gonna be one outcome.

I’ve had a follower for a few years. He has (at least 2) Twitter accounts. @ElBlaze0 and @datafl0w_ he seemed pretty normal at first, but after a time, shit started to go south. He would direct message (scores of them) with his daily struggles, opinions, emotional baggage and similar and I would politely answer with ‘awww dayuum’ or ‘wtf, that must suck’ and go about my business.


So anyhoo, this has gone on like that until this week. Last week he DM’d me taking exception to my stance on Trump – very aggressively with a little creepy thrown in for good measure. Alarm bells started to ring pretty loud. So I responded with the following to him privately:

“You need to chill out man. I don’t like trump, you do. Its not the end of the world. I dont like clinton either. Fucking calm down.”


He responded emotionally and angrily as per here:


…and so in the face of that, in my INBOX – I decided I was sick of this fucking shit and tweeted the following tweet:

CLICK HERE for full twitlonger version

It’s worth noting that out of respect for @ElBlaze0 AKA @datafl0w_ I refrained from including any reference to his handles on Twitter.


Alas, my manners were no match for this particular brand of crazy.

Since I tweeted out that I was sick of this kind of abuse @ElBlaze0 AKA @datafl0w_ has taken it upon himself to go full retard. I’m not talking slightly here, I’m talking weapons-grade stupid, Marsden-grade stalker, and Eminem-grade stan-fan all at the same time. Let me put this is perspective. This person at the time of writing has spent 60+ hours and 511 tweets on his @datafl0w_ account (his first tweet is where he admitted it was him publically, because idiot) cycling between:

  • Attacking me
  • Telling me how we are ‘friends’
  • Attacking other people that follow me
  • Telling them how we are ‘friends’
  • Telling me he’s ‘done with me’
  • Begging me to DM him (we’ve seen that before)
  • Approaching media organizations

All while simultaneously claiming he’s a victim.

Now think about the numbers here. That’s 8.5 tweets an hour all bitching and crying about me for 60+ hours, and I’m pretty sure he’s not done yet. Luckily I took a giant screenshot when he was at 490 tweets, you can view the utter sociopath tendencies in all their glory >> RIGHT HERE <<. At the time of writing he’s still going, and remember this is all because I don’t like Trump and I didn’t reply to his message in a ‘timely manner’. This person is either on too many drugs, or not enough.


Well if you look at his manic 60+ hour rant you’ll see he repeatedly keeps referring to myself and him as friends. Shit he’s acting like he was a blood brother/sister since we were five years old and was best man at my wedding. So I managed to capture the last 18 months of DM interactions between us and I’m gonna publish them…

>>> RIGHT FUCKING HERE <<< Read and tell me that’s not a female. Like for example, this female. Note cyclic manic-ness.

You’ll notice that in 18 months, this fucking psycho has DM’d me 88 times, I have responded a total of 13 times, politely, respectfully and with brevity, until that last one – that tipped him over the edge of course.

For some reason I can’t see further back than 18 months, but a Twitter subpeona will show the exact same pattern as above.

I am publishing these DM’s and the log of his epic butthurt for three reasons:

  • Hopefully somebody that knows this individual in real life will stage a fucking intervention and get him the help he clearly needs.
  • To show that the delusional ‘blood brothers’ friendship he alludes to is completely in his head.
  • As a ‘beware’ to all you guys, some people are fucking nuts. Nothing you can do about it.

This entire episode also highlights the very reason for my previous blog post “Twitter Can Fix Twitter With Just a Few Lines of Code”

He’s still ranting and raving right now, and he’s trying way to hard to sound like a male. Check him out, but make sure you’re able to return to a happy space when you’re done.

Wishing you all a pleasant evening. And remember…. if I seem ‘STANoffish’, you can blame this inindividual. So far he’s been crying about being blocked, and disagreed with.

Now he’s really got something to cry about.

PS: And if his cunning plan was to bribe me with his ‘friendship’ in order to convert me into thinking TRUMP is awesome like he does? Shit. I Don’t wanna do anything he’s doing. In fact the very fact that he’s breathing and I’m breathing is making me feel odd.


UPDATE: 26 August 2016

We are now on DAY SIX of this crazy mutherfuckers epic meltdown. Total tweets he’s wasted on this at the time of this update stands at 747. That’s 124 tweets per day, or 5.18 tweets per hour… every hour for 6 days straight. That’s some serious case of chapped ass. Here’s a current screen capture not including subtweets or his attacks on my followers.




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  1. Profile photo of ckay

    jikes. i’m sorry you have to put up with this. #itsamess

  2. Profile photo of ckay

    gah i can’t stand that face. lol.

  3. Profile photo of Liberty Speaks

    The problem with people like this is they will feed off of any attn given whether it be positive or negative reinforcement. The majority of the time they will go away when they receive no validation or acknowledgement. I am hopeful this will be the case.

  4. Profile photo of tnstorm2

    So sorry you have had to put up with that. This guy not only lives in a delusional universe but he exhibits extreme mental health issues… and, I suspect, is a danger to not only you but others. Imagine when DT looses the election. This guy will loose any ounce of sanity he may have.

  5. Profile photo of SGT_B _DUB

    I can’t believe he is still at it….

  6. Profile photo of Sugarcane

    Day 7 comes to a close… Tactic has switched to taunting about domestic spying, along with obsession for consuming milk products. Day 8 will feature fainting goats and shopping tips from Yves Saint Laurent.

  7. Profile photo of Fkaerin

    this guy’s face creeps me out J.

  8. Profile photo of heat

  9. Profile photo of justasking

    that’s one ugly mother fucker.
    i know i’m not crazy, even though that’s what certain people would like me to think.
    what a silly world.

  10. Profile photo of Keep it Real

    Holy guacamole! I had no idea just how bad it could be, the people you’ve had to deal with. Yikes!

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