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Trumps ‘leaked’ 2005 Tax form 1040 – What you need to know.

Trumps ‘leaked’ 2005 Tax form 1040 – What you need to know.

If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd… it’s a turd.

NOTE : This post has updates at the bottom.

Well, well, well. Why do the craziest things keep happening regarding issues surrounding Donald Trump, just at the right time? Take for example the latest stunning revelation, his ‘leaked’ 2005 1040 tax form. Well I’ve got a few thoughts on this, but first I’ll present you with some non-alternative facts.

Sometime in recent days Donald Trumps 1040 form (partial) appeared in Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and tax expert David Cay Johnston’s snail-mailbox at his home address. Here’s what he received:

It’s worth noting this document does NOT include Trumps 2005 schedule – which would show exactly where he’s getting money from, charitable donations and so on. It’s a partial record, for a single year, 2005.

So here’s the thing

Donald Trump married Melania Knaus in 2005. She had been a permanent resident since 2001. She became a US citizen in 2006. Part of the US naturalization checklist REQUIRES either the last 5 years tax returns if you are single OR the last 3 years tax returns if you are married to a US citizen, which would be in Melania’s case means she needed to provide:

  • For 2003 her single filing…
  • For 2004 her single filing…
  • For 2005 her joint filing with Donald Trump.

Melania’s citizenship depended on a squeaky clean joint tax filing in 2005.

Read that again – Melania’s citizenship depended on a squeaky clean joint tax filing in 2005.

Now, a closer look at the document shows that on page one, it is a joint filing, in 2005 and ‘Melanija Knavs’ – her birth name in her native Slovenian is listed as per below:

Another interesting point to note is that on page two of the document we can clearly see a ‘CLIENT COPY’ stamp as per below:

So far I have presented verifiable facts.

Now let’s get to my opinion, and probably yours too. ‘CLIENT COPY’ – this means it had to come from Trump himself (he’s the client), or his accountant, lawyer, bank – basically somebody VERY close to him, which also means if he really wanted to find out who it was who ‘leaked’ it, it wouldn’t exactly be difficult for him, maybe even as simple as looking at a mirror.

As I said Melania’s citizenship depended on a squeaky clean join tax filing in 2005. This is why Trump, in my humble opinion, leaked his own (partial) 2005 1040 form: It was the only year he was forced to play by the rules.

This was a clear attempt to game the US public and media, distract from all the other shit that’s going on, like the Health Care Bill fiasco, the Russia connections that are closing in and his insane unfounded claims of being ‘wiretapped’ by Obama. This also happens to  make him look as awesome as possible to his base who are now happily crowing:

“Trump made $150 Million. Trump paid $38 million taxes” – where’s the downside?

Here’s the thing, if this was a ‘leak’ by a ‘concerned 3rd party’ there’s no way it would be so beneficial to Trump. It’s not like Trump isn’t historically famous for ‘leaking’ information about himself under fake name, see the Miller/Barron phone calls to journalists in the 80’s, that were in fact Trump himself.

Why this year? Why partial? Why now? Ask yourself, what are the circumstances that would lead someone to getting a only single year of taxes, likely the only year that makes him seem almost reasonable…and not the complete set of documents?

It’s also worth noting that the White House had a perfectly worded, grammatically correct statement with no typos out to the media BEFORE Maddow did her show – which has to be a first. The statement also confirmed the numbers BEFORE Maddows 9PM show where she aired them, up till then nobody knew what they were. As per below:

But yet, Trump, who has to keep up the crazy appearance and the facade, has come out on Twitter since I started this article to claim it’s all ‘fake news’. Lolwut? As per below:

WHATTTT??? You confirmed the numbers in your official statement BEFORE the numbers were aired by Maddow, you fucking nimrod.

Trumps feeling the pressure. This whole bullshittery was engineered by him to placate himself to his base regarding his tax returns. And they’ll swallow it whole and run with it, meanwhile there’s others, myself included, who’ll look at what he’s really doing, which is, in short, conning, swindling, and raping America.

This ruse is going to backfire. It’s served only to fan the flames, and the only way he can extinguish them is to go ahead and release the rest of his taxes. But he won’t, this is clearly a man with something to hide.

I’ll ask again. How many coincidences does it take to make a fact?

Just my 2 cents.


PS: If anyone out there has any more Trump Tax Returns – please don’t hesitate to microwave them to me.


UPDATE March 16 2017

Turns out, the letter David Cay Johnston received in his snail-mailbox, which contained Trumps 1040 form was mailed from Westchester, on the same weekend the Trump family happened to be there. Probably just another coincidence.

….And here’s an article showing Trump’s family was in Westchester at the same time.


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  1. Profile photo of evawut

    Nailed it, as always.

  2. Profile photo of Cesar

    I’ve been following J for a long time and it still amazes me how his writing always reads like someone living six months into the future. I can’t even.

  3. Profile photo of Blanche

    Excellent, as usual.

  4. u nailed it

  5. Do you want another coincidence? Russia Today’s servers are hosted in a company based in Netherland called LeaseWeb a brand of Ocom, cofounded by Con Zwinkles. You know, that small country in which yesterday, thankfully Geert Wilders, a very Pro Putin populist politician, had lost elections, not by far by the way. That enterprise decided to expand their company to USA several years ago. They decided to expand in Manassas Virginia, less than 500m away from FBI as it can be seen clearly in Google Maps, just where Russian spies where operating.

  6. That barcode at the bottom of the envelope can be decoded with a USPO decoder that is available on their website. The barcode is called an “intelligent mail barcode” “IMb” and might contain more specifics on exactly where the envelope was accepted in Westchester NY. Which would be interesting to learn if there were a few accessible webcams nearby. It’s a long shot. The decoder runs on Windows only which is my hurdle for doing the search myself.

  7. Too funny. He’s so thick and stubborn he can’t do anything right.

  8. Profile photo of Liberty Speaks

    J, you really should have received credit for the connections you have made regarding this. It is very plausible. If it turns out that you are right, then Maddow and others need to give some type of attribution to your theory.

  9. One point that overreaches and weakens this very strong argument is the bit about the administration having a statement out before Rachel went on the air. Her producers sent the documents over and were trying to get confirmation for like half a day (?) Pretty routine move to preempt the scoop with their own statement. I only mention this because I think Rachel also brought this up, and it struck me then that it undermines a very persuasive theory.

  10. Here’s a question to ponder…………… what exactly, or specifically do people think they are going to find in these tax forms? Seriously, what is this obsession with a friggen’ tax filing? Will THAT show the “Trump/Russia” connection? Not likely; will it show how little/much he paid or contributed to whatever? Possibly, but again, flimsy.
    But hey – on a side note, I DID hear something about some “intelligence” guy in the senate or something, you know, that Nunes guy, say that after the 2016 election, Trumps transition team, and maybe even DJT himself was under surveillance. Odd,…….. more info coming I presume. Also I noticed some known islamo-dipshiite (allegedly) was part of a terror attack in the UK. Hey J – don’t you have some online Internetty thing that sorta-kinda “predicts” activity or something? Not throwing any shade or anything, but you know………….. priorities.

    • Profile photo of Nitrozac

      The average person’s tax returns are pretty simple, and I can see why the layperson such as yourself, or me, may think it’s not a big a deal… but, all those billionaires hide money offshore to avoid paying taxes, which is a big deal if you’re a country like Greece, for instance. A couple of years ago FATCA came into effect, you can read about it here:
      His tax returns would show where he’s hiding money, and how much. And that would be “Good to Know” for all you US taxpayers. And if you don’t care, then just don’t look at his taxes, and let everyone else see what’s going on!

  11. If you didn’t mean to throw shade you missed the mark, Did you gloss over the article because you missed that it’s his thoughts and he is entitled to have an opinion and a theory as are you. J is very intuitive and that’s part of his draw for me. Lots of other people on twitter that will pretend they have all the facts all the time, go play in there sand pile.

  12. Profile photo of Katharine Phipps

    Appreciate this kind of blog. I thought it was a Trump leak and I think you re absolutely right about the year selected. Makes total sense that the 2005 return would be sanitized for Melania’s protection. Had never weighed that factor.

  13. @kevnad1966 You get a whole lot more than how much they paid in taxes from a person’s entire tax return . You will get all the businesses they hold interests in along with where their money is coming from. Also what charities are being paid charitable deductions. If he doesn’t have anything to hide the why isnt he being transparent? He has the ability to get the “show me your tax returns” citizens off his back by drum roll……..showing his entire “current” tax return. Easy peasy.

  14. I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done/are doing to keep this country safe. Some days I’m overwhelmed by what’s happening, and you probably muted me bc my Twitter account is a firehose, but I want you to know that an unimportant little person somewhere feels a little safer knowing you exist. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  15. jester the clown… keep trying to act like a warrior but its just a fraud 😀

    go back to circus mate, where u belong to…

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