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  • Is it me or are all my updates gone?

  • Let’s talk about emotions. Now I know what you’re thinking. Kron?! Wtf?? Yes, it’s me, and I want to talk about feelings. We’re all on social media and before you engage further, gather round, sit your ass down a […]

    • Krony just re-read this post. The world was crazy when you wrote it, crazier even now. Though it’s almost impossible to develop loyalty and friendship on the internet, sometimes the character of a persona shows through and I do believe you’ve captured that in your post here. None of us are perfect, all have our regrets, but the weight of the wisdom that you carry shows in your words. I believe that these are heartfelt and, by triangulation with my own relationships that are face to face (sans persona), could understand how you built the kind of loyalty you experienced in the military. All said, however shielded we are from each other’s lives, I appreciate this community and the service it provides through a well engineered concept by Jester. I really enjoyed reading your post. Please consider a follow up! Cheers.

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