• 1. So is the Syrian tomahawk airstrike a simple wagthedog? 2. Will Putin get pissed and start dumping negative Trump info?

    • I don’t believe it is a wag the dog situation. Honestly, if you look at it it places a greater spotlight on US-Russia relations. If one was to try to divert from a story of significance, they wouldn’t include any of the parties connected with it. Yes it was and is a gamble for the the administration to directly take lead against Assad’s…[Read more]

      • I’m just channeling here, but Assad is a small fry when compared to having control of an agent in the WH i.e. DJT. This means if I was Putin it would be nothing to throw Assad under the bus. Better still, keep him as a friend; and call in a favor to bomb an airfield in exchange for further protection. Either way this does not change the…[Read more]

        • Tillerson is in Moscow today. I am reserving judgement on this situation til more comes out. Putin’s interests in Syria have always been Tartus. He has had a Naval base there since the seventies and leases it from the Syrian Govt. Putin has a vested interest in keeping that and cant risk regime change even since a new agreement for lease has…[Read more]

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