• If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd… it’s a turd.

    NOTE : This post has updates at the bottom.

    Well, well, well. Why do the craziest things keep happening regarding issues surrounding Donald Trump, […]

    • Nailed it, as always.

    • I’ve been following J for a long time and it still amazes me how his writing always reads like someone living six months into the future. I can’t even.

    • Excellent, as usual.

    • u nailed it

    • Do you want another coincidence? Russia Today’s servers are hosted in a company based in Netherland called LeaseWeb a brand of Ocom, cofounded by Con Zwinkles. You know, that small country in which yesterday, thankfully Geert Wilders, a very Pro Putin populist politician, had lost elections, not by far by the way. That enterprise decided to expand their company to USA several years ago. They decided to expand in Manassas Virginia, less than 500m away from FBI as it can be seen clearly in Google Maps, just where Russian spies where operating.

    • That barcode at the bottom of the envelope can be decoded with a USPO decoder that is available on their website. The barcode is called an “intelligent mail barcode” “IMb” and might contain more specifics on exactly where the envelope was accepted in Westchester NY. Which would be interesting to learn if there were a few accessible webcams nearby. It’s a long shot. The decoder runs on Windows only which is my hurdle for doing the search myself.

    • Too funny. He’s so thick and stubborn he can’t do anything right.

    • J, you really should have received credit for the connections you have made regarding this. It is very plausible. If it turns out that you are right, then Maddow and others need to give some type of attribution to your theory.

    • One point that overreaches and weakens this very strong argument is the bit about the administration having a statement out before Rachel went on the air. Her producers sent the documents over and were trying to get confirmation for like half a day (?) Pretty routine move to preempt the scoop with their own statement. I only mention this because I think Rachel also brought this up, and it struck me then that it undermines a very persuasive theory.

    • Here’s a question to ponder…………… what exactly, or specifically do people think they are going to find in these tax forms? Seriously, what is this obsession with a friggen’ tax filing? Will THAT show the “Trump/Russia” connection? Not likely; will it show how little/much he paid or contributed to whatever? Possibly, but again, flimsy.
      But hey – on a side note, I DID hear something about some “intelligence” guy in the senate or something, you know, that Nunes guy, say that after the 2016 election, Trumps transition team, and maybe even DJT himself was under surveillance. Odd,…….. more info coming I presume. Also I noticed some known islamo-dipshiite (allegedly) was part of a terror attack in the UK. Hey J – don’t you have some online Internetty thing that sorta-kinda “predicts” activity or something? Not throwing any shade or anything, but you know………….. priorities.

      • The average person’s tax returns are pretty simple, and I can see why the layperson such as yourself, or me, may think it’s not a big a deal… but, all those billionaires hide money offshore to avoid paying taxes, which is a big deal if you’re a country like Greece, for instance. A couple of years ago FATCA came into effect, you can read about it here:
        His tax returns would show where he’s hiding money, and how much. And that would be “Good to Know” for all you US taxpayers. And if you don’t care, then just don’t look at his taxes, and let everyone else see what’s going on!

    • If you didn’t mean to throw shade you missed the mark, Did you gloss over the article because you missed that it’s his thoughts and he is entitled to have an opinion and a theory as are you. J is very intuitive and that’s part of his draw for me. Lots of other people on twitter that will pretend they have all the facts all the time, go play in there sand pile.

    • Appreciate this kind of blog. I thought it was a Trump leak and I think you re absolutely right about the year selected. Makes total sense that the 2005 return would be sanitized for Melania’s protection. Had never weighed that factor.

    • @kevnad1966 You get a whole lot more than how much they paid in taxes from a person’s entire tax return . You will get all the businesses they hold interests in along with where their money is coming from. Also what charities are being paid charitable deductions. If he doesn’t have anything to hide the why isnt he being transparent? He has the ability to get the “show me your tax returns” citizens off his back by drum roll……..showing his entire “current” tax return. Easy peasy.

    • I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done/are doing to keep this country safe. Some days I’m overwhelmed by what’s happening, and you probably muted me bc my Twitter account is a firehose, but I want you to know that an unimportant little person somewhere feels a little safer knowing you exist. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    • jester the clown… keep trying to act like a warrior but its just a fraud 😀

      go back to circus mate, where u belong to…


    For the next thirty seconds, I want you to disregard all political affiliation and ponder this;

    How many ‘coincidences’ does it take to make a fact?

    In the first week […]

    • I share this with everyone I know and urge them to pay attention.

    • Furious and sharing with anyone who will listen.

    • As an American who likes to be informed I would actually love to see the sources.

    • I’ve made my vote for Trump known and my reasons for it publicly. I also agree there is a big difference between a Trump voter and a Trump supporter. I’m the former, not the latter. There is also a difference between showing respect for the Office of the Presidency and respecting the individual who holds it. Again, I’m the former. It’s been years since I felt both those dichotomy’s meshed. That being said, the more I dig into what has gone on in the past year regarding this election, the more that comes out regarding Russia and the disturbing connections between Putin, FSB and the current POTUS, it is becoming more clear that our country is heading down a very deep rabbit hole. The one thing I can say with certainty that I’ve learned over 4 years of following you. is you don’t throw out information this serious, without first digging in to it and your instincts have seldom been wrong.

    • I voted for Trump in the General Election. Why? I have made it clear my desire was to make sure Hillary Clinton was not elected. During the primaries, Trump was not even in my Top Five. This article must be considered by anyone who truly wants the best for the country. I support a strong Constitutionally controlled limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and the rights of States to continue the grand experiment in democracy.

      I am quick to dislike anything government does that is outside of the Constitution. I do have some lingering faith that our system, with prodding from us, will do what is right.

    • My thought about a month ago was this: P would teach T how to make the final conversion of what is left of the American democracy into a full-blown oligarchy (oil-igarchy). We were so close anyway with corporate lobbyists influencing so much of what goes on in government. I figured a nudge in that direction would topple what is left of public representation.
      So what is the end game here? Do we all start using dash cams and drink vodka while we keep our opinions about the govt to ourselves? Certainly it seems like T doesn’t let go of control of anything once he gains it. He would probably be happy to have vodka shots at the inner circle of the Kremlin. And now that they have confirmed T-Rex, what recourse does the average American have? Will we just collect our UBI (universal basic income) and hope they don’t close the Walmarts?
      Seriously, people, we need to get the word out. And do it before we get our heads chopped off by the upcoming soviet-american establishment.
      Resist, Respond, Rise

    • Sharing this, thanks for the info. Just Wow!

    • As a patriot, I’m at a loss of what to do. I, like millions of Americans, feel powerless. It is disgraceful to see all the negativity and frankly we don’t know who to believe anymore. What is the solution? I see paradoxical liars on both sides. Let’s face the facts, the mainstream media is mostly a bunch of BS. No, I did not vote for Trump or Hillary. Everyone is sick and tired of the Washington and the lies. I, like most, am tired of legislators and politicians who are seemingly immune to the law. I see people wanting to start resistance movements against Trump. What is the solution here? As true blooded Americans, how do we unite? What is our strategy? I have very little, if any, faith in our political system. I feel folks have now become apathetic to it all unless if affects your daily life somehow. Basically this all sucks…..I hate the feeling of having my hands tied behind my back with seemingly ZERO courses of action available to me…..

    • No citations to back up the article = No credibility

      • “We act on the truth we believe much much more than the truth we merely know.”
        Credibility isn’t what the author was going for. See the sentence above.

    • Thanks for your work but you may be wrong about Tillerson calling the shots on foreign policy. It seems like State is actually being sidelined by Trump, and Tillerson has had an embarrassing start. Thoughts? Kushner apparently dealt direct with Netanyahu and didn’t include State. Thanks for any feedback. Bill.

    • OK… we’re doomed. This is depressing. And yeah J, this is B.
      Hopefully this account won’t be suspended.

    • Vault-7………….. explain that please

      I’m over 51 and did 20 yrs in US military service, mostly anti-russian focused except for last 5 or so. Russia today is a frikken 3rd world economy except for the rich “mafiosos’ or whatever you want to call them. Does Russian have hackerz? My guess is yes, and they probably also know how to cover their tracks just as well as any other “hacker” type.

      I am still scratching my head trying to figger out why so may people are bamboozled by this; I’m actually hopeful somewhat that the US congress is “looking into” President Trump’s wiretapping claim…………. but not too much. Still too many swamp creatures from past adminstrations

    • Hey J (If I can call you that), just a quick question for you – do I have the ability to delete a comment here, you know, in the event I post something maybe not so “appropriate”? I do try to keep it realz, but I did notice sumbodyz deleted a snarky commnt

    • For some context on the 2016 election timeline and the “Russian hacking” narrative – please listen and try to remember what you saw/heard:

    • this one is even better about “Russian hacking” bs……………. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc_qk-UPCsE

    • Do you want another coincidence? Russia Today servers are hosted in a company based in Netherland called LeaseWeb a brand of Ocom, cofounded by Con Zwinkles. You know, that small country in which yesterday, thankfully Geert Wilders, a very Pro Putin politician, had lost elections, not by far by the way. That enterprise decided to expand their company to USA several years ago, but not to California, nop. They decided to expand in Virginia, just where Russian spies where operating. Maybe we should have a look about connection between Con Zwinkles, Geert Wilders and Vladimir Putin.

    • There is no coincidences. The question now, that Tillerson has been appointed is….what do we do now? I liked the link with the USA hockey team sticking it to “the Bear”.
      Politics aside, it’s much bigger. Our country, our children’s country. This has gone too far.
      Thanks for the Blog J


  • NOTE: This post has multiple updates at the bottom.

    So my mom called last night and asked me “How’s things, anything interesting going on with you?” I replied, “Ahh you know nothing much. Plodding along”. She […]

    • I haven’t gotten a laugh from the belly like your “Knock it Off” comment! Way to go!!!! Keep it up Brother, we need to know you are on the case and we are here for you Bro.

    • I lived with them for 26 long years, and I know that this is one of the few languages they understand – the language of force. Though I don’t think it will stop them. Russian people themselves must stop it, but it’s too late now. Good shot, Jester!

    • Hi Bro. Good work. One against the russian army of hackers. One note: your “last stand talking” was i little bit stupid in details but nothing wrong. I think you have to wait now brownies with love from russian “fancy bear” that situated in Olgino. Hold on.

    • Yay Wolverines!

    • Jolly good show J; been awhile since I had a great laugh! Hopefully they will take the message to heart — the way it was intended.

    • So much good stuff in here….

      – Your mom. Bless her. 😉
      – Ruskie Embassy drive by
      – MFA “freaking the fuck out.” Lol!
      – Backpeddling while unscrambling the jets
      – Outpropagandering themselves – great word!

      Priceless! Bravo!

    • Cool hack, er, I mean cool in no way harmful to the Russian State, or worthy of any poison tea, exercise in coding. Nice blog too, in that it is funny to read and not over the top Geeky. No offense. Cheers!

    • Keep up the good work! I’ve certainly had some good laugh. I *might* be becoming a bit of a fangirl.

    • not sure why this comment was not showing up, so here ya go..
      In sports there is something known as a “Hat Trick” . Basically it is coined for one individual scoring 3 points, plays, and/or achievements during one game. You get the idea. If you don’t get it, ask @sieve70 about it regarding hockey. I am sure he probably knows about Alex Kaleta and the Haberdash, but I digress. @th3j35t3r what you did yesterday is the cyber equivalent of a “Hat Trick”. I’ll explain in an orderly fashion:

      POINT 1-
      This is a country who has made its a mission to undermine our own cyber capabilities. Russia has been the axis of some of the most damaging hacks to our Nation, and by all accounts, including our own Intel agencies, their own cyber security is top of the line. The irony that it took just one person finding a weakness in one of it’s Government websites to begin with is interesting, however, it is the global shame of the event that is truly priceless.
      POINT 2-
      The message left on the site…. Out-Fricken-Standing! It rang true to a line in a song… “Never drew first, but I drew first blood”. Yes Russia has attacks us on a cyber level, but they would never admit it.. and though not all the facts are in regarding the massive DDOS Atttack, it is clear that Russia has a vested interest in weakening our systems. Whether it be electoral, economic or cultural, they would like nothing better then to kick the US down a notch to a level old Putin can deal with. That being said, the message you placed on that site was a clear shot across the bow saying “DO NOT CONTINUE FUCKING WITH US”. You owned it, and the method was flawless.
      POINT 3-
      The very fact that Russia came out and said anything about the message on the site, or even hinted that they may or may not have been hacked is just as big of a miracle as the 1980 Olympic US Hockey win against the USSR. Trust me, these guys don’t admit shit, but because of a great deal of chutzpah on your part, the media and your following, they really had no choice but to address the issue. Imagine the look on the Kremlin security officials faces trying to explain that someone named “Jester” just sent them a message telling them to “go to their room”. I am sure it was similar to a ten year old right before he gets grounded for getting busted with daddy’s playboys under his bed.

      Its definitely not like hockey, but it was 3 perfect plays in one game. Thus, a Hat Trick.

    • I’d like to send this to Russia, with love…


    • if i may be so bold to make a comment. I know my opinions probably enflame some people, after my time in the Army I got used to it. here goes. The email leaks and other data leaks did not, repeat DID NOT occur by a foreign actor or FIS but this was internal. Two individuals, patriots really are involved here. One paid with his life, the other is running to keep it. Reports say that one Eric Braverman who has been outed as the mole within the Clinton foundation as asked for asylum at the Russian Consulate in New York. The foundations own CEO exposed this corruption as well as Seth Rich who got double tapped for his effort. Either way you cut the mustard here, the Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a criminal enterprise worthy of Capones jealousy, fleecing the American people and selling our Republic for the love of money and power.

    • I think alot of ya’all need to take a deep breath, then do a simple goog-search of Sheryl Atkinson (sp?) about news “fakery” which used to be called the “SMEAR”. Maybe some of youse remember that term; the good R guy would get ahead and all of a sudden, the “SMEAR” would come out and the R guy was toast. Like clockwork. FFWD to todays age/time; somehow, Russia is the “SMEAR”, but ask yourselves, as Sheryl Atkinson did, when did that happen and why?
      Many years ago when jester-dude was TD’ng the terrorists, I was fk’ng cheering that shiite (yes, pun intended), as I really have no hack skillz, but can use a computer……….. I think a problem arose when said Jester also assumed some political sidings. Remember your original “mission statement”………….. you re-post it enough, so you should; you know, the thing about all things being equal and whatnot and a certain amount of evil in the world or whatever……….. I would ask you to re-read your mission statement and get back to work against the REAL enemies of the world, not just the US, you know, the enemies of FREEDOM and shit, the ISIS type di$kwads……….those guys??

      You know…………… like NOT the incoming President of the US. Your welcome.

    • I wanted to edit my last post to add in this little tidbit…………….. there are way more of these tidbits, but you know that:

    • I’m hearing #crickets here……………………

    • And now with the Vault-7 thingy, I think those with functioning brains can (Or at least, should) say the entire “Russian hacking” narrative was BS

  • JΞSTΞR ✪ ΔCTUAL³³º¹ posted a new activity comment 1 year, 3 months ago

    Dayum Liberty. Well, ur among friends here. Keep yer chin up.

    • Thank you, and to all of you. Sometimes strength falters and I guess it is to remind us of what makes us human in the first place.


    So there’s been a modicum of drama on my Twitter timeline in the last couple of days. Allow me to fill you in. While I try not to give trolls, crazies and stalkers any […]

    • The problem with people like this is they will feed off of any attn given whether it be positive or negative reinforcement. The majority of the time they will go away when they receive no validation or acknowledgement. I am hopeful this will be the case.

    • So sorry you have had to put up with that. This guy not only lives in a delusional universe but he exhibits extreme mental health issues… and, I suspect, is a danger to not only you but others. Imagine when DT looses the election. This guy will loose any ounce of sanity he may have.

    • I can’t believe he is still at it….

    • Day 7 comes to a close… Tactic has switched to taunting about domestic spying, along with obsession for consuming milk products. Day 8 will feature fainting goats and shopping tips from Yves Saint Laurent.

    • Holy guacamole! I had no idea just how bad it could be, the people you’ve had to deal with. Yikes!

  • Hey friends, heads up – I provide links in this post. They provide context.

    I stumbled across a really interesting article by Charlie Warzel over on Buzzfeed this morning. It was titled “A Honeypot For […]

    • Well put, and so easy there is no way that they could collectively think of it.

    • Your idea is brilliant. And I loved reading your ‘pseudo code’!

    • Great post J.

    • Very well said. Let the people police the people and not leave it up to Twitter, by allowing me to block someone they can’t abuse me to others with my handle.

    • So how to we pressure them to finally do it? I am personally tired of the Bias algorithm that is obviously in play.

    • Your solution to the troll problem on Twitter is concise and elegant. Effectively it gives power back to the individual who is being targeted instead of the leaving it up to the collective powers that be. Too many times harassment needs some form of interpretation in order to be taken seriously, and like beauty, what is abuse to one, is not abuse to another. This simple fix allows the the individual to decide for themselves what they will and will not tolerate…as it should be. Kudos J!

    • I’m sure there must be SOME reason why this type of coding hasn’t been implemented already…………….??

    • An interesting add-on to that well-done snippet of pseudocode would be for there to be some kind of table-value kept, whereas n+1 times that $tweetsender uses $tweetRecipient beyond a fixed number (say, 10), that $tweetsender is now blocked from sending *anything* on the platform or API, regardless of method & from IP address (preventing socks), for 2 hours. This would prevent “extended assholery” by sending a more clear message to the user. Similar to a g-line or k-line on IRC (Well, maybe not a K-line, since you could still log-on to the platform)

      Please take into account that I’ve been a root admin for what once was a very large IRC Network and take *zero* crap from asshats.

    • Nice, so while I am blocked on your TL, I can post to your site, Talk ‘about double standard. If properly reason, your thinking would have encapsulated itself in your code, as I have already, many eons ago have been blocked from your Twitter. Of no ill feelings really, sometimes, we are all moody. However, to then be determined: One of 4480 Twitter shitheads.

      Well, I disagree.

    • “Simply put. If TrumpCritic is blocked by Trump, TrumpCritic can no longer even utter Trump’s handle/twittername in a tweet. If he attempts to the tweet simply doesn’t process or gets sinkholed. Period. The end. Forever, or until Trump unblocks him. This approach would not infringe on TrumpCritic’s ‘freedom of speech’, he can still say whatever he likes, but he can’t include Trump.”

      Does this still sound like a good idea to you? 😉

    • I realize this is a bit late to the game, but J – have you seriously considered your own “twitter-like” coding/app? I’m sure it must have passed through the neurons at some point; just wondering why this hasn’t become a reality. Secure code, ease of use, popularity……. what am I missing?

    • For an uber hacker, your code is janky…
      if ($ini == 0) return ‘ ‘;
      should be…
      if ($ini === 0) return ‘ ‘;


    • Thank you, J ~ I was reluctant to use Twitter for this very reason ~ so kudos for calling them out w/an easy fix. However, why wait for Twitter to take you up on it? An app/extension is much quicker/easier to use in a browser.

      Frankly, I miss the old networks where interested people interacted politely about topics like investments, graphic art, etc. I learned how to create a moving icon for a signature while enjoying the creative works of graphic artists. I guess that ages me, but our society in general has gone off the “interaction rails” socially with rampant abuse & coarseness no matter the media. So, I appreciated reading the comments on your blog & will be back. In the meantime, I am following you on Twitter.

      Chao ~ Moms Hugs aka Eve (No actual hugs unless I know you.)
      http://momshugs.blogspot.com (haven’t posted for long while)

    • PS: I see a typo, but no edit option. Could you please correct “Chao” to “Ciao!” for me? Thanks.

  • http://nbcnews.to/2a54HSz “Democrats Fear Cyber October Surprise That Could Sink Clinton” – Toldja 438 days ago http://bit.ly/2arFcgl

    • I am wondering if Assange has already played his card? It was in June that he said he had enough info to “have her indicted”… so have we seen the last of the leaks or was the dump last week what he spoke about? With the DNC coming out saying they are “bracing for more” leaks it suggests that they know there IS MORE OUT THERE, and possibly…[Read more]

  • #FLASH ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Nice attack. Altho it could be that they’ve simply taken to claiming every dead lunatic now.

    • but wait.. according to the NYT it was a “truck attack” and not a radical Islamic terrorist attack… (<—sarcasm)
      When are people going to wake up and realize this is a war, and not against a religion, but against the radical ideology with in that religion? (<—rhetorical)

      Until this admin understands that these jihadists are "True…[Read more]

  • JΞSTΞR ✪ ΔCTUAL³³º¹ posted a new activity comment 1 year, 5 months ago

    Appreciated. 🙂

    • @th3j35t3r Out of all the articles, including my own written about you, this one you should be most proud of IMO. It doesn’t bring up ANON, or WBC, JA but focuses squarely on your project and accomplishment in implementing it over the last several months. It doesn’t focus on any of your detractors, and it brings you into a new level of…[Read more]

    • I’ve been trying to find snowden… But congrats for another great piece for all your hard work!

    • I’ll tell ya what, when the tweet notifications for major incident node activation hit my phone and I’m nowhere near a desktop, the anxiety rears it’s ugly head. iAWACS is extremely useful. Combined with a live video feed in another window on another monitor (muted, because talking heads are useless) from one of the news sources, you get a real…[Read more]

  • #FUNFACT Tomorrow, June 29 marks the 2nd anniversary of ISIS formally declaring establishment of their caliphate http://bit.ly/292dLtI

  • BREAKING NEWS: British vote has Texas Nationalists calling for \”Texit\”. I\’d like to see Trump get Texans to build his wall. Popcorn.

  • #FLASH – JestersCourt IRC channel now available on open web (not darkweb) via \’CHAT NOW\’ link on left of the homepage: https://jesterscourt.cc

    • Guess I need a new liveusb if I wanna chat 🙁 argslen==1 && args[0]->getObjectType()==T_STRING /build/lightspark-pn3jEv/lightspark-0.7.2/src/scripting/flash/events/flashevents.cpp:585

    • love new things.. however, some new things remind me I am better at old things

  • Happy #FathersDay and for people who are more politically correct than myself: #HappyNonBinarySecondaryLegalGuardianOfUnspecifiedGenderDay

  • Since publishing this post http://bit.ly/1UhJvOF – something \’changed\’ & it wasn\’t me who changed it. #iAWACS just woke up, see http://bit.ly/1UhKZIR

  • #FLASH – GUEST POST on jesterscourt.cc by @Kronykal Jones: The ‘Internet of Feels’ https://jesterscourt.cc/2016/06/17/guest-post-kronykal-internet-feels/

  • @BlueScotian << This Canadian needs to hear from Americans. Why, I\'ll tell ya why http:/bit.ly/24S2DTe

  • JΞSTΞR ✪ ΔCTUAL³³º¹ posted a new activity comment 1 year, 6 months ago

    Me either.

  • TRUMP: \”DNC didn\’t get hacked, there\’s no Guccifer 2.0, DNC leaked it themselves… wah!!\” A short time later… http://bit.ly/1trQEjr

    • It’s going to be interesting to see how current the documents are that Wikileaks releases.

    • Just shoot me in the foot now. SERIOUSLY. I mean, after the blog post I did, I feel I should be running around with a bag on my head right now. I’m a realist, but holy hell and in the name of everything that is sacred this man is an unfiltered douche.

    • new information was just dumped today on HRC and its not looking good.

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