Russian Infiltration of the US Federal Government

NOTE: THIS POST HAS UPDATES AT BOTTOM For the next thirty seconds, I want you to disregard all political affiliation and ponder this; How many ‘coincidences’ does it take to make a fact? In the first week of December Sergei Mikhailov, the head of the Russian FSB cyber unit was in a meeting, when men came in, put a black bag over his head, and dragged him out. He hasn’t been seen since. And now he’s been charged with Treason, presumably for giving information to the United States of America. He’ll face a secret military tribunal and nobody will ever know what happens to him. Shortly thereafter Ruslan Stoyanov, head Russian FSB counterintelligence whose job it would have been to find spies, was also arrested as a traitor. In the last week of December, an ex-KGB ...

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