Trumps ‘leaked’ 2005 Tax form 1040 – What you need to know.

If it looks like a turd, smells like a turd… it’s a turd. NOTE : This post has updates at the bottom. Well, well, well. Why do the craziest things keep happening regarding issues surrounding Donald Trump, just at the right time? Take for example the latest stunning revelation, his ‘leaked’ 2005 1040 tax form. Well I’ve got a few thoughts on this, but first I’ll present you with some non-alternative facts. Sometime in recent days Donald Trumps 1040 form (partial) appeared in Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and tax expert David Cay Johnston’s snail-mailbox at his home address. Here’s what he received: It’s worth noting this document does NOT include Trumps 2005 schedule – which would show exactly where he’s getting money from,...

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